QUANTAX FlatQUAD Applications

Meeting the Most Difficult Challenges in EDS Analysis

This page presents an overview of a collection of unique application of QUANTAX FlatQUAD

Analysis of a ceramic capacitor sample

Ceramic Capacitor Phase Map
Chemical phase map
of a ceramic capa-

Fast EDS analyis of samples at very low beam currents is a strength of the XFlash® FlatQUAD, demonstrated here using a ceramic capacitor specimen as an example. More info

Analyzing a biological sample

Deconvolution of Zn L and Na K
Deconvolution of Zn L
and Na K peaks from
the EDS map of a
wasp ovipositor

EDS analysis of beam sensitive biological samples is challenging. This application example of the ovipositor of a parasitoid wasp shows how it can be performed with QUANTAX FlatQUAD. More info

Analysis of stony meteorite fall samples

Overview Map of a Stony Meteorite
Overview map of the
Mocs stony meteorite

The XFlash® FlatQUAD detector allows the use of ultra-low beam currents and the investigation of samples with complex topography as demonstrated on two meteorite fall samples. More info

Mapping a micro impact crater

Map of a Micro Crater with Particle Residue
Map of a micro crater
with impacted particle

The XFlash® FlatQUAD is capable of mapping topographic samples without shadowing. A very nice example is the analysis of an artificial micro impact crater. More info

Investigation of a polymer sample containing nanoclay particles

High Magnification EDS Map of a Polymer with Nanoclay
High magnification EDS
map of a polymer with
nanoclay particles

This is an impressive application example of an organic sample - a polymer - with nanoclay particles mapped at low beamcurrent and low excitation voltage. More info

Nanoparticle analysis

Mixed Element Map of a Nanoparticle Agglomerate
Mixed element map
of a nanoparticle

EDS analysis of nanoparticles at highest magnification and excellent spatial resolution can be performed routinely with QUANTAX FlatQUAD as this example shows. More info