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Atomic force microscopy is a high-resolution imaging technique where a small probe with a sharp tip is scanned back and forth in a controlled manner across a sample to measure the surface topography at up to atomic resolution. AFM microscopy techniques encompass a variety of scanning modes that enable nanoscale characterization of different material properties such as electrical, magnetic and mechanical properties. 

Imaging Modes

PeakForce Tapping: How AFM Should Be

PeakForce Tapping, AFM peakforce tapping mode

PeakForce Tapping is a technique that enables the highest resolution surface imaging as well as a new generation of highly sensitive nanoscale property mapping techniques for mechanical, electrical, biological, chemical and thermal property measurements. By applying a precisely controlled picoNewton level force curve at every data point, PeakForce Tapping sets a new standard in imaging resolution and property mapping.

The adoption rate of PeakForce Tapping has surpassed even that of TappingMode, with over 4,000 publications in the ten years since its release. This includes over 2000 publications using PeakForce QNM and more than 400 using PeakForce electrical modes. That is more than one PeakForce Tapping article every day, for 10 years!

PeakForce Tapping Modes

AFM Modes

If you are interested in learning more about modes that Bruker offers, check out our AFM Modes and Techniques section. We've grouped them into categories for easy learning.

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Nanomechanical Modes
Nanochemical Modes
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